AMR & Palm Beach Sheriff Deputies

A unique aspect of living in Boca West is the security and peace of mind knowing that there are on-site paramedics and Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies who work in cooperation with the BWMA Security Department – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
These highly trained men and women are familiar with the geography of the community and are trained to attend to all victims of crime or health emergencies anywhere within the country club community.Each of the villages elect their own Board of Directors and appoint two village representatives to the Master Association. The BWMA Board is elected by these representatives.

American Medical Response

American Medical Response

Data has clearly shown that response times are critical to a favorable outcome in a medical emergency. In 2000, the Village Representatives of the community voted to bring American Medical Response (AMR), a potential life-saving program on-site in Boca West.

The state certified AMR paramedics render expeditious emergency service to a person in distress, pending the arrival of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, as required by the county. During the season, the AMR paramedics respond to an average of 50 calls per month with an average response time of 3.7 minutes.

Palm Beach County Sheriff Deputies

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputies work in close harmony with the Master Association and its Security department in the best interests of the residents. These highly trained law enforcement professionals are responsible for the impartial enforcement of all federal, state and local ordinances, the rules of the Master Association, the preservation of peace, and protection of lives and property.

The Deputies are highly visible in the community to promote and preserve order, investigate crimes and criminal activity, oversee safe traffic flow, and respond to on-site emergencies.

These distinctive services are made possible through contracts that BWMA has established with American Medical Response and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. It is important to note that in the case of an emergency where the victim is transported to a local hospital, additional fees payable to the transport provider may apply.

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