Architectural Control

To preserve the uniqueness and beauty of each of the villages, the Board of Directors has established Maintenance Covenants and Procedures for residents to follow.

Article VII of the Amended Declaration of Maintenance Covenants for Boca West

Before making or contracting for any changes to the exterior of your home/unit, written permission must be obtained from both the village association in which you reside, and then the Boca West Master Association. This includes, but is not limited to, demolition, construction of a new house, adding a room, enclosing a balcony, replacing windows, painting the exterior, installing a new roof, fence or pool, etc.

To petition for a project, two forms must be completed for the Master Association: (1) The Petition and (2) The Agreement to Perform and Waiver of Liability. You can access these forms by clicking on the links below. These forms along with any blue prints, sketches, site plans, survey, photo, paint chips or sample materials, should be submitted first to your respective Village Architectural Review Board or the Village Board of Directors for approval, and then forwarded to BWMA for Architectural Control Committee approval. Village managers and/or individual village boards can provide the necessary forms, guidelines and procedures, and other documents that may be required by each village.

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Alyssa Martinez
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Please click on the link below to access the Architectural forms:

Normally, the BWMA Architectural Control Committee meets once a month to review the Home & Village Association Petitions.

Construction Days & Hours

Villages may have noise rules for morning start times and other construction times, but they cannot exceed the established BWMA guidelines.
All service and delivery commercial trucks must use Jog Road and Yamato Road entrances.

Contractor/Vendor Vehicle Signage Requirement

All contractor/vendor vehicle signs must:

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