Rules Of The Road

BWMA roadways and paths are used extensively, and with congestion comes the danger of accidents. The prevention of accidents is our primary goal.


All motor vehicles must comply with posted speed limits and other traffic signs and pavement markings that serve as traffic control devices. Stop signs require a FULL STOP.
Each resident is responsible for their guests. If guests do not follow the Rules of the Road, it could result in residents’ loss of transponder use.

Click on the link for Rules of the Road Policy: Rules of the Road Policy 2016

Please click on the link to view the fining schedule which was approved by the Board at the January 29, 2020 Board Meeting. The fining schedule is effective March 1, 2020.

BWMA Fining Schedule

Contractors and Vendors

All contractors, vendors and delivery people entering Boca West are required to have the company name and telephone number displayed on both the driver and passenger side, or on the rear of their vehicle. Signage should be at least 3″ in height and can be permanent or temporary, but must remain on the vehicle at all times when they are in Boca West. Registering these “visitors” as your guest does not preclude this signage requirement.

Golf Carts

All privately-owned golf carts must be insured. Golf carts may be used on the roadways, golf courses (with the approval of the Country Club) and BWMA’s path system. When traveling on the roadways, carts must remain on the outside edge of the road headed in the same direction as motor vehicles, and must yield to motor vehicles, bicyclists or pedestrians. Indicate turns by using standard hand signals.

Children under 16 may not operate a cart. No child is permitted to sit on the lap of the cart operator.
The number of people allowed in one cart must not exceed the manufacturer’s recommendation.
All carts must be registered annually by the BWMA and properly insured for a minimum of $300,000. Liability insurance coverage must provide for cart to traverse all common areas of Boca West.

Click on the link for BWMA Golf Cart Rules of the Road: BWMA Golf Cart Rules of the Road Acknowledgement.
Click on the link for BWCC Golf Cart Rules and Regulations: BWCC Golf Cart Rules of the Road Acknowledgement.   

Individuals cited for violation of stop signs, speed limits and cart operation rules are subject to sanctions adopted by the Board, which include suspension of gate-access devices. Residents are responsible for their guests.


Bicycles may be used on the BWMA roads and paths. When traveling on the roads, bicyclists must do so on the outside edge of the road headed in the same direction as motor vehicles, obey all traffic control signs, and operate SINGLE FILE. For safety purposes, bicyclists are encouraged to use the paths only. Slow down when approaching pedestrians, particularly from behind and warn them verbally of your approach.


Walkers and joggers using the roads should always FACE on-coming traffic and be in a SINGLE FILE on the outside edge of the road. For safety purposes, joggers/walkers are encouraged to use the paths only. Proper attire includes upper-body “cover-ups” for men and bright/reflective clothing/shoes at night.


Skates and skateboards are prohibited on BWMA roads, except for in-line skates on the path leading to and around the village of Bridgewood from the Sports Pavilion. Approved safety equipment must be worn.

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