Golf Cart Storage

How To Plan Golf Cart Storage Areas In Associations Without Garages: Basic Steps Villages Must Take

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  • Existing bike shelters that can also accommodate golf carts.
  • Grass areas that can be reached from paved paths or roads.
  • Un-needed or unused guest parking spaces.


These areas, not directly connected to a living unit, are usually designated as Common Elements. They belong to all the unit owners who must approve changing a common element from its original purpose to golf cart storage. The proposed space should not create an unsightly appearance that would be objectionable to owners.

Have the Association attorney determine the percentage of positive votes of Association owners needed to change the use of the proposed Common Element. The percentage is typically from 60% to 75% depending on the Village.

Have Association attorney search Association documents to determine whether there are legal impediments to the use of any proposed area. The number of guest parking spaces required is set by Palm Beach County. Association manager must check with the County to see if the number of remaining guest spaces after using several for a golf shelter will meet the County standard.

Obtain estimates and proposals from contractors on costs to build a new shelter including bringing electricity from the closest available source. Plans must be filed with Palm Beach County and BWMA. Permits are required from Palm Beach County.

If you have located suitable spaces for four carts, divide the cost of construction by 4. For example, if cost to build a 4 cart shelter is $8,000, each potential renter must pay $2,000 immediately to fully pay for the shelter in advance. Assuming a typical annual rental of $500, each potential renter would be signing a lease for four years, payable in advance and placed in escrow to be sure you have solid commitments. Liability insurance has to be taken out on the structure as well and the cost included in the original rental agreement. Also, check with your accountant for tax implications of the project construction and rental income.

Have Association Attorney prepare the required Proxy Ballots to amend the Association Declarations to authorize the Board to approve construction of the golf cart shelter on common element property.

Develop a campaign to inform the membership fully about benefits and details stressing that only the renters will pay for the shelter and that there will never be a charge to any other owners. The Association will own the shelter in perpetuity and will benefit once it is paid for by the original users.

If the voting is successful, have your attorney work with the Association Directors to prepare the final lease to be signed by all renters. All repairs, changes, and additions must always be the responsibility of the renters.

Once you have approval from the owners, submit an BWMA Architectural Control application.


Currently Arbor Lake, Bridgewood, Lakewood I, Willow Wood Midrise III and Sabal Lake currently have golf cart storage in their villages.

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