Security & Safety

Your personal security and safety are of paramount importance. Each day, hundreds of delivery persons, vendors and contractors pass through our gates while thousands of residents are active in the community.

Our highly-trained security officers screen your guests and patrol the grounds while Sheriff’s deputies enforce the law.

To ensure the safety and security of all residents, their families and invited guests, the Board of Directors has established reasonable restrictions and rules that must be observed by everyone who enters the property:

Speed limits, traffic signs and pavement markings help to prevent vehicle and pedestrian accidents. Stop signs require a FULL STOP. Officers are authorized to issue citations for traffic infractions and penalties can be imposed, such as deactivation of access transponders.

  1. Golf carts operated at night must have headlights and brake lights.
  2. All privately-owned golf carts must be insured.
  3. Providing your security number to unauthorized persons is prohibited.
  4. Deliveries, moving vans, non-emergency service calls and construction type workers are permitted Monday thru Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; and are not permitted on Sundays and holidays.
  5. All contractor and vendor vehicles must have proper signage at all times.
  6. Property owners (except the Country Club) may not sell or lease real property for anything other than residential use. All sales and leases must be approved by the management company.
  7. “Tag” “Garage” “Yard” sales and real estate “open houses” can attract people with whom you are not familiar and, as such, these activities are prohibited.
  8. Each resident is responsible for their guests. If guests do not follow the Rules of the Road, it could result in residents’ loss of transponder use.
  9. Click on the link to view the Improper Behavior Rule which was passed at the June 30, 2021 Board Meeting: 
  1.  Click here to view ‘Residents Fines & Penalties’:


General Procedure

If using a cell phone, give the dispatcher your exact location of incident, especially if you are in a clubhouse or common area of Boca West. Never hang up until told to do so.


An American Medical Response ambulance (AMR) contracted by BWMA, is based in Boca West 24/7. If you are experiencing a medical emergency within Boca West and call 911, the Boca West AMR will be the first responder along with BWMA Security personnel. With an average response time of 3.7 minutes, the Boca West AMR paramedics render initial emergency service pending the arrival of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, which will then provide transport to a local hospital if required.


If reporting a burglary or other threat to body or property, tell the dispatcher the location and the nature of the emergency. Palm Beach County Sheriff Deputy and BWMA Security will respond.


BWMA and Palm Beach Sheriff Deputies patrol Boca West, 24/7, noting unusual activity. However, every resident should take steps to ensure the safety of their home. BWMA recommends ADT Security to protect your home against theft, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Residents are given preferred pricing for ADT services. This is the only security alarm company sanctioned by BWMA per the PSAS (private security alarm system) agreement with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office that allows for alarm permit fees and false alarm fees to be waived.

 Although Boca West is a secure and guarded community it is always smart to live cautiously for extra protection against burglary.

• Lock all doors and windows when you leave

• Keep garage doors closed at all times

• Do not leave valuables or cash lying around

• Do not leave keys under a doormat

• Lock your car at all times with no items visible from exterior

• Subscribe to ADT Security monitoring service

• Activate alarm system if installed

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