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Welcome to the Boca West Master Association

The BWMA is the collective association of the 58 Villages including the Boca West Country Club that comprises the private, award-winning community of Boca West.

It is governed by seven Board of Directors elected by the community and an Executive Director hired by the Board. The policies are formulated by the Board and executed by the Executive Director and staff.

Each of the villages elect their own Board of Directors and appoint two village representatives to the Master Association. The BWMA Board is elected by these representatives.

The BWMA is responsible for providing and maintaining Safety and Security, Landscaping, Roadways, Waterways, Lighting, Cable TV, Signage, and the Financial ability to provide all of these first class services to the Boca West community.

The security and safety of our residents and guests are of paramount importance. Our highly trained Access Control Officers patrol the grounds and screen all guests and contractors as they enter Boca West 24/7.


The Boca West Master Association is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of our residents and upholding a consistent level of excellence in providing a beautifully maintained environment. We strive to forge mutually supportive relationships with the Boca West Country Club and the 57 village associations.

Organizational Structure of the Association

The 58 villages (3,493 units/homes) of Boca West including the Boca West Country Club are members of the Boca West Master Association, Inc. (“BWMA”). The Master Association has an elected seven member Board of Directors to oversee the business of the Association. The Executive Director of BWMA, reporting to the Board, is responsible for the daily functions and financial responsibilities of the Association. In this capacity, the Executive Director is supported by 85 staff members who are involved in the development and implementation of security and safety, and landscape/maintenance programs which contribute to the protection and enjoyment of residents. The Board is also supported by seven committees, comprised of residents who meet once a month to provide input in the areas of Architectural Control, Landscape/Maintenance, Finance, Security, Insurance, Grievance, and Communications.

In addition, each of the villages elects their own Board of Directors who then appoints or elects two Representatives to the Master Association. It is these individuals who “represent” the interests of their community to the Master Association Board of Directors. Residents should contact their Village Representatives if they wish to share information with the BWMA Board, or they may contact BWMA directly.

BWMA Scope of Responsibilities

The Boca West Master Association is committed to the efficient operation and high quality maintenance of the common areas. Some specific duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Support the Board in the preparation of annual budgets; coordinate banking, investment and insurance activities; manage day-to-day accounting and human resource activities; and serve as liaison to vendors.

  • Provide twenty-four hour access control and security for all residents and guests. This includes overseeing the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies and AMR paramedics assigned to the community.

  • Provide access control gate transponders for residents; screen guests at gate houses and issue written directions upon request.

  • Maintain the landscaping of the lakes and buildings in the common areas. Mow, trim, edge and fertilize 1,000 acres of land and 250 acres of common roadway medians, the Glades Road median and three entrances to the community.

  • Manage the aquatic health and scenic beauty of 250 acres of lakes/waterways.

  • Maintain 14 miles of roads and pathways to ensure they are free of potholes and tree roots, in addition to maintaining 500+ signs.

  • Maintain the Nature Preserve and Children’s Activity Area.

  • Examine residents’ requests for changes to homes under the Architectural Control Committee Guidelines, to protect the interests of the homeowner, neighbors and the respective villages.

  • Manage a multi-year contract with the local cable provider, as voted on by the village representatives, to ensure a variety of television viewing options with favorable rates.

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