Gatehouse Guest Registration
& Gate Access Control

BWMA has a security force of 44 officers led by the Chief of Security. Security officers patrol Boca West and fully staff all three entrance gates 24/7 along with contracted Palm Beach County Sheriff deputies. There is 24-hour access control for all residents and guests at the Glades Road, Jog Road, and Yamato Road gates. Over 2,000,000 vehicles enter our gates each year. Ensuring that only bona fide residents, registered guests and service contractors are admitted is a major security function and responsibility.

Residents are required to register guests in advance of their visit by calling Guest Registration. Be sure to have your security code available when you call. For your safety and the safety of other residents, guests who are not registered will not be permitted to enter the community. They will be asked to contact their host to obtain permission to enter. Gatehouse personnel are not permitted to make calls to residents on behalf of any guest. Residents who are frequently visited by the same guests may establish a ‘permanent’ guest list.


All residents must obtain a permanent transponder for each vehicle from the BWMA office. A fee is charged for the transponder every time a new vehicle is purchased or leased. Transponders cannot be transferred to alternate vehicles. The Transponder rental car program is also available for 2 years with unlimited transponders for car rentals. Traffic citations can result in revoked transponder privileges including traffic citations by your guests.


Three methods of guest and service persons entry registration are available, 24/7.

You must have your personal Boca West security number available:

1. Telephone: (561) 483-5505

2. Online:

3. ABDI Gate Application on your phone.

Do not put service contractors on your permanent guest list.

All vehicles pass through a camera system so Security knows when cars arrive and leave.

Only guests that you register with BWMA Security are permitted to enter Boca West. Frequent visitors may be placed on your “permanent” guest list, which should be reviewed at least annually. BWMA Security is available to contact unit owners when guests arrive at our gates upon specific request. You should receive a text message when a guest uses your name to go through one of the outer gates.


Residents must call for the entrance of delivery persons, vendors and contractors. All commercial vehicles MUST have a company sign adhered to their vehicles on the driver’s side.


In your cellphone app store (Apple or Android)


Application by Design

Open and Log into the app, you will need the following:

Community Code – BWMA

Username – PRIMARY Phone Number listed on security profile.

Call Security administration 561-488-1598 Ext. 301 if not sure which phone number is the username.

Password – Security Code (*Not your Club Member #*)

You will be able to list guests for up to 30 days.

Fast Access Passes – To send a fast access pass to a guest you must have downloaded on your cellphone and can send a pass after you list your guest.

Guest Registration – (561) 483-5505 is available 24 hours a day and you will speak to a live security operator. This option allows you to make changes to your permanent guest list and add guests for longer than 30 days.

For personal assistance call 561-488-1598 ext. 301



Vendor deliveries and handyman access to Boca West is permitted at specific times:

a. Monday – Friday: 7 am – 6 pm

b. Saturday: 8 am – 5 pm

c. Sunday: Emergencies Only

d. After Hours: Emergencies Only

Commercial vehicles have access to Boca West only through the Yamato Road and Jog Road entrances.
The Glades Road entrance is banned for commercial vehicles.
All vehicles must have signage on the vehicle and need to be called in prior to them being given access to Boca West.

Gatehouse Guest Registration is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, by telephone or voicemail:

Gatehouse Guest Registration (561) 483-5505
Voicemail Registration (561) 483-7026

Please note the following 3 items are required:

  • BWMA Community Access Code*
  • Home Phone Number
  • Your Security Code

*BWMA community access code should not be overheard by others or given out to others.

BWMA has put together a convenient way to check and update your guest list.

Please take the time to review your guest list periodically for deletions and/or additions.
Please limit your permanent list to 10-12 guests.

Businesses other than companies you have a signed contract with for repetitive services should NOT BE on your permanent guest list:

  • Examples of businesses that should NOT BE on your permanent guest list include restaurants, plumbers, roofers and all other businesses that visit your home only on occasion.
  • Examples of businesses that are acceptable include pool contractors, gardeners, house cleaning services, pest control, oxygen delivery and house watchers.

Be sure to review and update your guest list often, or at least annually. You can view your guest list at

Additions to the permanent list will require that you call Security and provide information to assure that they meet the criteria. Internet additions to the permanent list is no longer available since this procedure has been misused in adding names to the list.

Have Your Guests Use Fast Access Pass!

ABDI has added a new feature call the Fast Access Pass.

  • On, add your guest to the list by clicking Save.
  • After you click save, it will ask if you would like to send a Fast Access Pass, by selecting Yes or No.
  • When you click Yes on the link, it will show the pass which is a bar code that you will send via text to your guest. Please note: You must know the phone number of the person who will be showing the Fast Access Pass to the guards at the gatehouse.
  • When your guest arrives at the gate, he or she will present the bar code from the text they received. Your guest must show their photo ID for verification. The security officer will then scan the pass with our scanner and will log in your guest to enter the property.

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To register, contact Alyssa Martinez.