Home Security And ADT

The BWMA Board has established an agreement with ADT, as a preferred vendor for home security monitoring and maintenance services in Boca West. Under the terms of the agreement, residents are given preferred pricing for installation or replacement of hard-wired or wireless devices, the emergency alert system, digital radio backup, video surveillance, etc. Monitoring of the residence can be arranged through an individual homeowner subscription or through a village bulk rate monitoring agreement that provides security monitoring to all of the residents in a village. Please note that depending on the type of equipment you have and how and when your home was wired, your existing security system may provide monitoring for intrusion only, and not for fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide. For specific information regarding your home monitoring, please contact ADT or your current service provider.

The BWMA/ADT agreement does not preclude residents from subscribing to another monitoring company. However, residents who contract with ADT receive dual response from ADT and BWMA Security when an alarm is triggered and do not incur the fees that are charged by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in the event of false alarms.


To be safe, your home should be monitored and protected for smoke and carbon monoxide presence.

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer.

• Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

• Be sure to always turn off your auto ignition when parking in your garage (Keyless auto start systems

can make you careless)

• Generators emit carbon monoxide. Place your Generators outside of you home – avoid storing them

on patios as well

• Do not store flammable cleaners or substances inside your home or garage

• Consider professional installation of security monitoring equipment to monitor fire, flood and carbon monoxide detections. 

1 (800) 878-7806
Monday through Friday 8:00 – 5:00 p.m.

ADT provides security alarm monitoring to Boca West residents at a highly discounted rate. Some villages contract for bulk services directly with ADT Security, with the expense contained in the specific village budget. Check with your village representatives/property manager for more information or call ADT directly at 800.878.7806.

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