Communicating with BWMA

To reach any of the employees in the Executive Office, Business Administration, or Security, dial 561-488-1598 and the extension by the employee’s name.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at: and we will respond to you the next business day. Residents, please feel free to write your comments or suggestions using the form below.

Boca West Master Association
20540 Country Club Blvd, Stes 104-105
Boca Raton, FL 33434

Main Number: 561-488-1598


Michael Eustace, CCM, LCAM, CMCA
Executive Director 307

Alyssa Martinez CAM
Executive Assistant 313

Main Number: 561-488-1598

Joseph Lastella, Chief of Security, Ext. 302 or
Eric Perez, Captain, Ext. 305 or
Sean Wasloff, Security Administrator, Ext. 301 or
SAC Back-up / Golf Carts, Ext. 303 or
SAC Main Guest Registration, Ext. 304 (no email)
Security Supervisor, Ext. 306 or

Main Number: 561 488 1598

Bridget Ellis, Controller, Ext. 312


Lawson Turner, Director of Landscape and Maintenance Operations
Lilly Goyd, Administrative Assistant to the Director
Gary Chanley, Assistant Director of Landscape and Maintenance Operations
Ed Linares, Irrigation Superintendent

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