Emergency Preparedness

2021 Storm Season is Here - Are You Prepared?

It’s time for all of us to make our plans – whether to leave or stay, prepare homes and supplies, provide maintenance and testing of shutters and generators. BWMA maintains a list of residents that may require special assistance. If you have special needs and are not sure whether you are on this list, please call us now at (561) 483-5505.

Click Below for the 2023 Hurricane Preparedness Plan

Palm Beach County Special Needs Registration Form and Palm Beach County Special Needs Shelters

The registration form needs to be completed and submitted every year to the Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Management in order for those with special needs to be accepted at a Special Needs Shelter.

A natural disaster can happen at any time. Some disasters have advance warning like a storm preceding a flood. However, once a disaster happens, the time to prepare is past and all you can do is deal with the situation. Resources and tools to help plan for weather events can be found almost everywhere in South Florida. Be sure to pick up a hurricane planning guide from your local supermarket or hardware store at the beginning of the hurricane season each year and develop your family’s plan.

"In Case of Emergency"

If you are injured or incapacitated, will emergency personnel know who to notify on your behalf ? Many people don’t carry emergency contact information in their wallet or purse…

ICE, which stands for “In Case of Emergency,” is a program that enables emergency personnel to identify victims and contact a designated family member or friend to obtain important medical information. And, it’s very simple: You program your cell phone.

Most late model cell phones have “In Case of Emergency” program capability in the cell phone’s “Contacts” screen so you can easily designate people. Or, you can enter emergency contacts in your cell phone address book under the name “ICE”. You can even list multiple emergency contacts as “ICE1 – mary jones”, “ICE2 – john smith”, etc.

After you program “ICE” into your phone, have your spouse or significant other, your children and your friends do the same. Everyone should have “ICE” on their phones. (Individuals without cell phones should carry an identification card with emergency contacts and medical information in their wallet or purse).

Stay Healthy -Stay Protected!

Even though more people are getting the vaccine, we must continue to keep each other safe:

  • Wear a mask while in public
  • Maintain social distance
  • Wash your hands frequently

If you or your family members need to be tested for COVID you can make an appointment online at CVS or MD Now Urgent Care.

To make an appointment for the vaccine, you can make an online appointment at Publix:

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To register, contact Alyssa Martinez.